Passenger Rail Projects

Phoenix to Tucson Intercity Rail; Alternative Analysis and Environmental Clearance

Funding: A total budget of $6.24 million is available. The Federal Railroad Administration has awarded $1 million of ARRA funds, matched with $1 million in state funding. A $3.45 million Federal Transit Administration grant has been authorized to study commuter rail from Phoenix to Tucson, with ADOT providing approximately $800K in matching funds.

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is completing an Alternative Analysis (AA) for a regional passenger rail system and an environmental analysis to obtain a Record of Decision (ROD) from FRA that will identify an intercity rail alignment between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. ADOT is completing a State Rail Plan that identifies an intercity rail connection between Phoenix and Tucson as one of the highest priorities for implementing a statewide passenger rail system.

The alternatives analysis will include recommendations for transit connections with the intercity rail system, including commuter rail, light rail, and street car systems in both the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. Following the selection of a recommended alignment, the project will proceed with preliminary engineering on a segment of the corridor that represents the initial phase of implementation.