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New PA Keystone Stations

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Keystone Service Station Improvements

Middletown Station – In Middletown, PA, a detailed planning study was conducted to analyze the relocation of the Middletown Station due to the current location prohibiting compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).  After substantial analysis, a site was selected that capitalizes on a former industrial use that is vacant.  The project is currently in the Right-of-way acquisition phase.  The new station will feature full-length high-level platforms, a covered pedestrian overpass, and ample parking integrated into a private development.  The site is ideally placed with access to the Harrisburg International Airport via existing airport shuttles, walking distance to Downtown Middletown, and across the street from Penn State Harrisburg which is working with a private developer to build student housing directly across from the new train station.  

Mount Joy Station – In Mount Joy, a fully upgraded station is being built that is integrated into the community with covered walkways and streetscape design that improves the character and use of the downtown.  New platforms will be constructed, in addition to completely renovated parking and a passenger waiting area.  The renovated station is connected with the downtown with a “plaza” street that can be used for public events.

Elizabethtown Station –   The station was fully renovated using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Full-length, high-level platforms were constructed and the historic train station building was completely restored to its former grandeur.  The parking lot was resurfaced, and an additional parking lot is in the design and acquisition phase.  The renovated station is currently used by the Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce during daytime hours, which acts as a visitor center and station caretakers. 

Parkesburg Station – A planning study is underway to evaluate the needed improvements to Parkesburg Station.  The new station will tentatively feature full-length high-level platforms and expanded parking for a facility that is at capacity.  Parkesburg’s historic station building was prominently featured in the movie Witness and is considered an asset to the community that is in a state of disrepair and has not been used as a public station for decades.  Upon completion of the planning study, an action and implementation plan will be in place that will outline the necessary work to be completed to renovate and expand the station to be compliant with ADA requirements. 

Coatesville – Coatesville, PA is an economically depressed city in the center of one of the wealthiest counties in Pennsylvania.  After a year-long planning study, preliminary steps are being taken to reinvest in the downtown area surrounding the train station.  In order to achieve compliance with ADA requirements, that station is being relocated slightly to the east, allowing for the renovation and re-use of the existing train station.  The new station will feature full-length high-level platforms, a pedestrian overpass, and ample station parking.  In addition, it will be connected to the downtown core, less than three blocks away, with a new streetscaping project on an existing City road.  In addition, the Coatesville Redevelopment Authority is taking the lead on redeveloping residential properties immediately surrounding the new station, many of which were victims of an arson fire several years ago and some that are considered blighted under current property codes.  The project will provide a needed boost to the local economy and jumpstart urban renewal.

Downingtown Station – A planning study is underway to analyze relocating the existing Downingtown train station, served by Amtrak and SEPTA regional rail.  Downingtown Station is currently at capacity, and is located in an area that prohibits compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The study serves to evaluate alternatives that not only provide for enhanced station amenities and expanded capacity, but provides the opportunity for transit oriented development in an area that is ripe for development.  Downingtown is considered by some to be the next popular Philadelphia suburb, and as a result quality train access is key to its success.  At the conclusion of the planning study, a detailed plan will be in place to relocate the station and provide riders with a fully ADA compliant station with upgraded amenities, while giving Downingtown the opportunity to leverage the public investment for urban development.

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