​​Virginia Dept. of Rail and Public Transportation


National Rail Policy Issues Kevin Page Chief of Rail Transportation Kevin.page@drpt.virginia.gov (804) 786-3963
Section 130 Crossing Safety/HSIP Michael Wray Highway Safety Engineer michael.wray@vdot.virginia.gov (804) 786-2822
Passenger Operations/Amtrak Liaison Joe Swartz Manager, Rail Enhancement and Corridor Programs joe.swartz@drpt.virginia.gov (804) 225-3943
Freight Programs Jeremy Latimer Manager of Rail Preservation and Rail Industrial Access Programs jeremy.latimer@drpt.virginia.gov (804) 225-4016
High Speed Rail Development Emily Stock Manager of Rail Planning emily.stock@drpt.virginia.gov (804) 786-1052
Engineering and Project Development David Harlan​ Manager of Rail Safety and Engineering david.harlan@drpt.virginia.gov (804) 225-3930
Railroad & Rail Transit Safety Oversight Velvet Walker Manager of Rail State Safety Oversight velvet.walker@drpt.virginia.gov​ (804) 786-1056