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State Rail Peer Exchange


Welcome to the State Rail Peer Exchange

A New Forum Where DOTs Work Together to Answer Questions From One Another

If your state wishes to contribute to a particular question, or ask a question,
please email your question or response to:

11/12/15: Amtrak Marketing Council Quarterly Conference Call with States​
05/21/15: States as Railroads Webinar
Approximately 24 States/State Sponsors of Intercity Passenger Rail participated in the States as Railroads Webinar.
PRIIA Section 209
Information will be posted shortly.

11/21/14 Leadership Group: Piedmont Improvement Program

Amtrak Presentations

​​To change the orientation of the slides: open file > right click > "rotate counterclockwise."

  • “Opportunities for Marketing Partnerships with Amtrak: Promoting Intercity Passenger Rail in Your State" (7/15/14)

​More than 50 listeners from around the country participated in a webinar focused on continuing peer exchange and technical training opportunities for State DOTs, with a focus on Marketing Partnerships.  For your reference, slides are available for viewing.


Julia Quinn, Amtrak Director of Social Media (202-906-2136,

Deborah Stone-Wulf, Amtrak Chief Sales Distribution and Customer Service (202-906-3903,

John Lee, Chief, Amtrak Marketing and Advertising Programs (202-906-4864,

Laura Kingman, Washington State DOT Marketing Manager (360-705-7904,

State Questions and Responses are available via the AASHTO Members Only Portal under "State Peer Exchange".

12/20/11 Question from Alabama: Right of Entry Fees

12/15/11 Question fron North Carolina: State Railroad Ownership

12/6/11  Question from Texas: Permission to Cross ROW

11/23/11 Question from Iowa: Right of Entry