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Reports and Presentations
Reports and Presentations


2011 Standing Committee on Rail Transportation
Charlotte, NC -- September 2011 (Link to Presentations)

2010 Standing Committee on Rail Transportation
Jacksonville FL -- September 2010 (Link to Presentations



State Reports

A report developed by the Department of Rail and Public Transportation, Virginia. This report was requested by the state legislature to assess the most efficient and beneficial method by which high speed and intercity passenger rail operations should be funded. Also, to submit a report to the governor and the General Assembly communicating its findings and recommendations.

The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) passenger rail research group, in partnership with the University Transportation Center for Mobility and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, recently completed a research project examining the mobility impacts of intercity passenger rail using the Hiawatha Service Amtrak route as a case study. 

AASHTO Reports

States Ramping Up Action on Passenger Rail

One year after more than $8 billion in grants for high-speed and intercity passenger rail were announced, state DOTs are working aggressively to put these dollars to work.  A full report with 15 state examples, economic benefits and other information. 

State Rail Planning Best Practices (purchase at AASHTO's Bookstore)
Interest in rail planning is reaching new heights as state departments of transportation (DOTs) across the country rush to qualify for new Federal grants authorized through the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act (PRIIA).

More Projects and Paychecks
AASHTO's report on the "Summer of Recovery" addresses state activities to jumpstart their HSR programs.

Transportation - Are We There Yet?
Achieving the Vision - 2010: Intercity Passenger Rail
AASHTO's policy recommendations for the authorization of the next surface transportation program states that it is "…time for the United States to provide a robust intercity passenger rail network that provides competitive, reliable, and frequent passenger service, comparable to world class systems in other countries."

AASHTO Authorization Policy - Topic V
Intercity Passenger Rail
AASHTO calls on the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission to develop a national rail policy.

Transportation: Invest in Our Future
Intercity Passenger Rail: A Viable Alternative
A number of states have invested in intercity passenger rail service. (Figure 9.) Many of these investments have yielded striking successes in the past decade and the experience has demonstrated that passenger rail can be a viable alternative.

America's Top 10 Transportation Topics for 2010
Number 5: Moving on High-Speed Rail Grants
As America enters a new decade, what will be the buzz about transportation? Clearly a safe, efficient, and viable transportation network should be at the forefront of issues facing policymakers at all levels of government and in all areas of our society in the coming months.

Federal Rail Administration Reports

Preliminary National Rail Plan
The Groundwork for Developing Policies to Improve the United States Transportation System
The Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 (PRIIA) directed the Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to develop a Preliminary National Rail Plan (PNRP or Preliminary Plan) to address the rail needs of the Nation.

High-Speed Rail Strategic Plan

High-Speed Rail Corridor Route Map

High-Speed Rail Fact Sheet

Amtrak Reports

Amtrak Issues Fleet Strategy Plan

The heart of Amtrak’s ability to deliver competitive intercity rail transportation service is the fleet that we operate. The fleet impacts on all aspects of Amtrak’s services including the customer’s perception of and willingness to use the product, the operating reliability of that product and the cost of maintaining and delivering the service.

As an entity created by the Federal government to serve as the national intercity passenger service provider, Amtrak relies on Federal support to maintain, operate and improve its services. While Amtrak covers a substantial portion of its annual operating costs (over 80%) from revenues, sustained capital support from the Federal government, and states in certain instances, is essential to the continuation and betterment of the national intercity network. Read the full plan.

High-Speed Rail: A National Perspective
High-Speed Rail Experience in the United States
Amtrak commissioned this study to help identify the trends and prospects for improved service – in terms of operating speeds, frequency, and reliability – in rail corridors around the country.