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​​California Dept. of Transportation (Caltrans)


STATE:  California
Area of Responsibility Name Title Email Phone
National Rail Policy Issues Bill Bronte Chief, Division of Rail (916) 654-6542
Section 130 Crossing Safety/HSIP Lauren Clauson​ Chief, Railroad Crossing Safety Branch (916) 653-0243
Section 130 Crossing Safety/HSIP Bree Arnett Grade Crossing Engneering Section, Calif. Public Utilities Commission (916) 928-2516
Passenger Operations/Amtrak Liaison Leo Hoyt Chief, Office of Rail Capital Project Development, Operations and Marketing (916) 654-6327
Freight Programs Bruce De Terra Chief, Office of System and Freight Planning, Division of Transportation Planning (916) 653-0426
High Speed Rail Development Jeff Morales Chief Executive Officer, California High Speed Rail Authority
(916) 324-1541
Engineering and Project Development Royce Gotcher Chief, Track and Signal Construction Branch (916) 654-7129
Rail Equipment Stan Hunter Chief, Office of Rail Equipment (916) 654-6534