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​Our Mission

The state departments of transportation are bringing a new era of passenger rail to the United Stat​es. State DOTs are responsible for planning, building, and delivering high-speed and intercity passenger rail and are working collaboratively with existing freight and passenger railroads and the Federal Railroad Administration to achieve success.

For more information on AASHTO's High-Speed Rail program, contact Shayne Gill,

​Links to Federal Register Notices

  • Funding Availabilities; Solicitations of Applications: Pilot Project Grants in Support of Railroad Safety Risk Reduction Programs, 35466–35471 [2012–14418] Link (PDF) Link (Text)
  • National Environmental Policy, Act Implementation 35471–35473 [201​​​​2–14414] Link (PDF) Link (Text)​​


​A world-class system of high-speed and intercity passenger rail in A​merica is no longer just a dream. It is real and its success is critical to transforming transportation in our lifetime.


State departments of transportation have spearheaded the effort to develop and fund a national intercity passenger rail system for the past decade. They have planned, financed, and delivered successful intercity passenger rail service, and they will lead the development of high-speed rail systems across the nation.


Fueled by $8 billion in economic recovery funding, and a strong consensus of continuing support in Congress, America is making a permanent investment in passenger rail. Regardless of which routes are first to get awards, there will not be winners and losers. There will be winners and future winners.


State transportation departments are providing best practices, technical assistance, standards development and planning to create the next generation of passenger rail service connecting America.​