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Missouri Dept. of Transportation

Administration Rodney P. Massman Administrator of Railroads 573-751-7476
Administrator of Projects Mark Zacher Railroad Projects Manager 573-526-3577
Administrator of Operations Lisa Lamons Railroad Operations Manager 573-751-7121
Highway Grade Crossings Don Schwartze Railroad Safety Specialist 573-751-6595
Highway Grade Crossings Jack Wright Railroad Safety Specialist 573-751-5969
Signals Chris Noblett Sr. Railroad Safety Inspector 573-751-7123
Crossings - Inventory - Records Richard Allsbury Sr. Railroad Safety Inspector 573-751-7125
Light Rail Dudley Robinson Rail Safety Specialist 573-751-7124
Track Inspection Todd Hogg Sr. Railroad Safety Inspector 573-751-7122
Operational Practices Cory Reynolds Sr. Railroad Safety Inspector 573-522-9954
Track Inspection Joe Lair Railroad Safety Inspector 573-751-7713
High Speed Rail Natalie Roark Engineering Manager 573-751-3726
Administrative Assistance Linda McEntire Sr. Office Assistant 573-526-5570